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"Vangie" is what one says when leaving a place where one doesn't feel welcome.
Miss Vangie. Miss Vangie. Miss Vangie.
by Steveriii May 17, 2018
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Slang shortform of 'evangelism'. Used as a noun describing the act of 'reaching out', talking to strangers in public about Jesus Christ, or their faith.
'So Rich, are you up for doing some vangie tonight on Tooting Broadway after work?
by Graham January 10, 2005
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Vangie is the name of a very beautiful girl although she has alot of insecurities. She is very sweet, funny, intelligent and tends to have a really nice body with a big butt. She tends to get in a lot of trouble. She would make a wonderful girlfriend and any one who dates her should feel lucky. She's one of a kind and doesn't care what any one thinks about her. She's very loud, hyper, crazy, and says the most weirdest things but brings the light to everyone's conversations. Although, if you make her angry or sad.. You will regret it later on.
Guy 1: You're dating Vangie?
Guy 2: Yea.
Guy 1: You're so lucky.
Guy 2: I know ;)
by Oreo1122 February 22, 2012
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