1. A vampire that appears/has the physical form of a woman, however is not quite what she seems. Can often be decieving in the extreme, being her entire life is usually a fabricated lie and thus is constantly acting. Usually dresses either in Goth styling, or in normal fashions. Usually in the fashion of being a Vixen, she is a teasing, taunting creature who dares you to be with her, the epitome of dark femininity.

2. A female who is actually of the sanguinitic family of creatures, who are often shy or direct in some cases, and often are reputed to have high sexual drives. Often being loners, they sometimes seek companionship and are usually challenging to engage in any sexual activity with, the impediment being thier massively enhanced sensitivities to stimuli of all kinds. However, once one understand body language to a fine art, the enticement and following intruige into such creatures is often enhancing.
"The Vampiress walked with a perfect poise, a grace inhuman, looking into his eyes as she brushed her hand across his neck, he smiled at her, as did she to him, the flash of two points longer than her other teeth apparent, with perhaps the stain of lipstick upon the tips, perhaps not, as he lean in to kiss her, she turned and sauntered away, glancing over her shoulder, daring him to follow her into the darkest corner of the bar..."
by Yawrood May 25, 2009
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1. A female vampire, being one who survives by consuming the blood or psychic energy of a donor/victim.

2. A girl, usually of the gothic variety, who either practices vampirism, or looks vampiric.
Example 1:
Little did the traveler know that he was actually conversing with an infamous vampiress.

Example 2:
"Damn dude, did you see Jane. She looks like a total vampiress."
by Galemir April 13, 2008
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