A goth person who wants to hook up with someone who isn't a goth.

The intended "prey" of the vampire may either be a one night stand or a committed significant other.
"Sara's new boyfriend isn't goth at all; she's a total vampire."

"Jesse's acting like a vampire tonight because he's hitting on that preppy chick."
by Maxim45 August 07, 2009
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A person who sucks the souls of their victims/partners with no intentions of loving them. Usually a man but sometimes a woman. A person who has not had one exclusive partner for an extensive amount of time.
That guy is a vampire. He doesn’t get in relationships. He will probably never get married.
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by Sheila V December 03, 2018
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blond, blue eyes, tall, beautiful, gorgeous, handsome, & someone you want to have babies with so you can produce some vampire babies
Look at that vampire walking across the street. Seriously, if I could just stare at that vampire for the rest my life, my life's mission would be complete. He is utterly breathtaking.
by vampirebabymaker November 22, 2011
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Undead people that kill humans and suck their blood. They can turn people in vampires by letting them drink the vampire in question's blood.
They are very pale. Vampires can turn into wolves and bats. They control animals of the night. Additionally, they transform into fog and a hay stack. They are immortal unless they are slayed. This is very hard to do. The only ways to kill them is by getting them close to roses or onions, driving a stake through their hearts, you can also trap them in a circle of salt or holy water or expose them to daylight. Once turned into a vampire, the said personwill keep the same mind as when they did when they were human and will not age.
Vampires are real!!
by Vampires June 01, 2020
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In psychology, one who lacks interests, but rather lives vicariously through others' enjoyments. Often seen in those with narcissistic personality disorder and those suffering post-narcissistic stress disorder, using others' reactions to determine if one should be satisfied. Betrays a pathological self-denial and codependency, perhaps resulting from a demanding parent in childhood.
He was indifferent to his own orgasms. Being a vampire, he was never satisfied until she came several times.

Vampire boyfriend: I'm only happy when you're happy.

General Sternwood in "The Big Sleep," of having to enjoy drinking only by watching others do so: "A nice state of affairs when a man has to indulge his vices by proxy."
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by Crassius September 13, 2019
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