hey your’e looking pretty vamp today!
VAMP: known as a muscular geezer
by bryan badondey December 12, 2017
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Someone who wears vlone and listens to carti
Yo he's a vamp
by December 1, 2021
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an average playboi carti listener and follower, they are naturally chill but if you mess with them they will attack back.
example 1. “ the vamps are probably the most chill fan base out here…they wait patiently for music.”
by ..slumpsv August 12, 2021
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(Adjective): some one who's a goat and based
(Verb): When someone is "Vamping Out" they are vibing and not being a weaf
Aidan and Hunter are such Vamps
Tom is always Vamping Out
by weafman November 24, 2021
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A term carti fan call themselves
friend 1: bro I love r8s im such a vamp slatt
friend 2:get away from me
by weebotgangnazzy January 31, 2022
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Midboi carti songs
Carter : " hoe what, slatt"
Jamal : "Oh so you a vamp"
by March 7, 2022
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