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French waiter who chooses to spend their "down time" taking on dangerous or life threatening activities beyond his/her abilities.

Vallery also has a special gift to be gay without actually having sex with men.
Person 1: Hey Vallery!! Where are you off to now?

Vallery: I'm going to swim under Australia!

Person 2: Vallery, where we're you on Saturday?

Vallery: I throwing bottles at bouncers in the city.
by Filthy pirate whore August 05, 2012
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Vallery thinks she got the stuff but the only stuff she got is the fat on her body.
She has more rolls than the Baker's man.
A Vallery looks like a full grown walrus.

She thinks she's a snack but she looks like a fat fucking Thanksgiving turkey
Phoebe: Is that a boulder
Suki :No it's a vallery
by Biggdaddy6969696969 May 23, 2018
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