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Valerioism began just before the turn of the twenty first century in Cornwall and concerns the movement inspired by the prominent yet elusive Artist Valerio, whose influence was to inflame the entire establishment, not only through Art but through architecture, poetry, music and philosophy. It was the initial turning point of recreational professionalism, which turned away from what had become the convention and pre conception of what Art was generally considered to be in that region and time. After the commercialisations and corporate attempts to monopolise the high street by means of Art retail and the inevitable retaliations by the true creative core, the independent Artists and galleries were to steer once again towards the raw essence of true social/theological and environmental concerns, In an attempt to once again create enduring Art and to encourage genuine patrons to think and feel instead of succumbing to the inherent obsessive compulsive aquisition mentality that had become so common.
This in turn coined the term Valerious.
the influence of honesty against overwhelming misconception in a contemporary environment is Valerioism.

describes the work of the artiest Valerio
by ADHDean May 14, 2011
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