Valenti, Name Of Italian Origin. Means This Person Is Related To The Mafia Somehow. Powerfull.
Don Valenti, I Send My Respects On Your Daughter's Wedding.
by Dylan Valenti E. November 21, 2003
A demon created by Danasia to rule the world and eat everyone.
"Damn that Valenti is going to eat me for dinner !"
by MEOWSMOOT123 April 26, 2018
Man hater, left wing man hater.

To Jessica Valenti: i.e to hate men.

Registered bigot.
Jessica Valenti has made assumption after assumption that when a woman accuses a man of anything, he must be bad, she must be truthful.

Without the need for evidence.
by Rogerdodgerer October 31, 2011
Collin Valenti, also known as hoop jones, is a very hip guy with an awesome mustache and cool ray bans. Collin Valenti has good taste in music, and is probably the funniest person in existence.
I wish I could be a cool as Collin Valenti.
by hhggdhb November 19, 2011
the syndrome in which an unmarried individual falls in love with an engaged individual, and the engaged with the unmarried, but does nothing until the engaged individual is married. usually leaves both parties in a depressed state.
Bill: What's wrong with you?
Ryan: I'm suffering from Chris Valenti syndrome. This girl I like was engaged and got married, but I'm in love with her and she is in love with me. Guess it's too late now.
by happyending November 23, 2007