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A lass who achieves eternal youth and verility by slurping up his girlfriend's period blood
Brittany: Honey can you pick up tampons for me

Vagina Vampire Danny: No bitch I'm getting straws
by Alex, July 10, 2008
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A overly-confident female who tries to take over and steal someone's boyfriend, based on her feelings for the guy (and the lack of feelings toward any "friends" that may be involved with the guy). The term is often used because the female may act violent and vampire-like in achieving her goal, which is often fueled by stimulation in her love box.
Kate: Dang, that new girl comes in here acting like she's someone important and now she's trying to steal my man!
Beth: Who, Veronica?
Kate: Yeah. Veronica the vagina vampire.
by Lckygrl13 December 09, 2007
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