a rapper from harlem who was just recently signed to the group called the U.N with cam'ron as the leader and other members such as Charlie Clips who has a crazy flow
Damn man you hear that new Vado track talk to em?
by Harlemsmosthated August 19, 2009
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Rapper from Harlem, NY. The alias 'Vado' is shortened from 'Movado' which means Money from Violence and Drugs Only.
Gotta get back on my vado grind.
by t.o.ute October 15, 2010
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Vendor Approved Discount Option. Also known as a vendor program.
Hey Lee, how many VADOs do you have for all of your appliances?
by aramsdale November 11, 2010
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Latin for I came, I saw, I go.
So, instead of conquering that guy like I had orginally planned, I left because he turned out to be a total jerkass. Veni, vidi, vado.
by indigo12ash March 14, 2011
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A completely original charecter from the anime dragon Ball super. Mimicked by a similar charecater whis, she serves a a God of destruction named champa. She is extremely attractive.
by Stealthelffan4eva October 18, 2019
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