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(n.) Someone who plays more than one sport. Says more than saying someone is a jock but easier than listing every sport the person plays. Emphizes your point without having to remember all the sports your school offers.
Girl 1: "That guy is jock."
Girl 2: "Oh, what sport does he play?"
Girl 1: "Football, baseball and soccer."
Girl 2: "You mean a multi-jock?"
Girl 1: "He's such a show-off in P.E."
Girl 2: "Yeah, he thinks he's cool because he's a quaterback, pitcher and a goalie."
by indigo12ash October 31, 2010
Latin for I came, I saw, I go.
So, instead of conquering that guy like I had orginally planned, I left because he turned out to be a total jerkass. Veni, vidi, vado.
by indigo12ash March 14, 2011