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Vadger-To act sexist towards males
Prosecuting attorney: is it true that you and all males are by nature stupid and inferior to women?
Witness: No
Prosecuting attorney: Do you understand the question or should I rephrase for a male to understand?
Defending attorney: Your honor I object, the prosecutor is vadgering the witness.
by Mato Hoksila October 19, 2014
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An older female that is very tenacious and aggressive (like a badger) when going after young men in a bar setting . These females define themselves as a "cougar", but their age and looks do not tell the same story.
Guy1: "Man... at the bar last night, I could not get rid of this old lady that kept badgering me...."
Guy2: "Was she hot?"
Guy1: "Nope, she was a VADGER!!"
by JDubb25 February 14, 2010
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/vædʒər/ A play on the word "badger." A girl or woman who is a condescending, uptight bitch for no apparent reason. This word is probably misogynistic.
What a fucking vadger! All I asked for was an extra napkin...
by SS. RR. January 26, 2009
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