A type of kiss that can only be given online. A virtual kiss.
A viss will just have to do it for now.
by btp3 February 13, 2010
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To be trapped in a constant state of contemplating life and everthing in it yet never finding a solution.
Noun:Dude im trapped in a viss
Verb: I just can't seem to stop vissing

Other exaples include
-he was vissed
-he's a complete visser
by Lilj da vet January 20, 2022
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A virtual kiss. The V comes from the first letter of 'virtual' and the rest is the end of the word 'kissed'. Usually is used in a physical stance.
Dave: I just vissed my girlfriend. It didn't go down well.
Brian: Pff, who would want to viss you?
by Ravencopter February 13, 2010
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noun: 1. A hybrid of the words "verbal", or "verbiage", and "kiss". 2. A spoken, written, typed, or printed message containing amorous desire or intent 3. A spoken or written message that states the writer's desire to kiss the recipient. 4. A written letter also containing a graphic image or an imprint of kissing lips 5. A flirtatious note or letter. 6. A love letter
Francois sent a vissive to Alexis that made her feel a rush in her abdomen.
by Achilles Murat II November 8, 2011
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A school filled with snakes and dumbasses.
she goes to viss doesn’t she”
by hdhxdhcubdjcjdks October 19, 2019
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something that has poison or toxic stuff.
Don't touch that it has viss.
by hi99989898989 April 5, 2022
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-Johnny hurry up!
-Hold on! Im vissing
by Chris109br November 3, 2017
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