a sexy mutha fuckha who dont give a shit bout anything. treats everyone around him with respect and is faithfull especially to his friends.
"aye vippppppessssss"
by tinda December 07, 2003
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Pronounced (Vy-pee)

A crazy, bipolar girl who likes to suck a man's energy. They usually throw a fit when they don't get their way and usually kills a man by the age of 60 with her constant nagging. The word is derived from emotional Vampire + bipolar.
Gary: How did your date go?

Derek : She was a Vipee, she flirted and made out with other guys while demanding me to buy her drinks and take her home.

Gary: She is a vipee!
by Gsaujo September 05, 2009
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1) verb- to smoke marijuana. Coined by jazz musicians and used by Fats Waller in the song "If You're A Viper".
"my woman don't vipe, but I do. HISSSS!"
by Dirty Jack November 25, 2005
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When someone you have previously made plans with does not show-up.
1. Jesse was supposed to come to the party, but he totally viped us.

2. That chick totally viped me. She didn't even call me & cancel.
by PittPanthersFan02 December 14, 2011
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To be V.I.P.. To be as cool as a V.I.P.
Dude! Andy is so viping in those Air Forces! or Man! Vincent is so not viping in those Delta Forces
by imviping777 December 19, 2010
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whore, skank, bitch, cunt... a combination of all feminine insults
shes such a vipe. did you hear what she did yesterday? such a whore.
by kiddo56 November 04, 2010
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