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The lower abdominal muscles.
The external obliques that form a v-shape when seen flexed.
Check out that guy's six-pack and v line.
by needsmorecowbell January 30, 2006
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A V-line usually shows the males penis size. The deeper the V the larger the penis.
His V line is very visible
by Word king July 14, 2017
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V Line is a shit train service in victoria, Australia. V-line is well known for been 5 hours or more late, over flowing dunnies and people throwing rocks at windows. Many people choose to take the bus or drive. V line is also very slow strugles to do 100kmh compared to Frances fast trains which does like 500kmh+
Person #1 "WTF it only takes 3 hours to get to Albury, where were you for the other 2 hours"

Person #2 "I was on V Line."

Person #1 "Oh sorry that explains alot"
by Peter Alexander May 28, 2008
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The line of your tailbone (usually seen if skinny) that leads down to your crotch.
Since Thomas was in track, Jaye wasn't surprised he had a visible v-line hiding under his shirt. ( look up for example )
by ArsenicSulfur September 06, 2017
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