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Commonly referred as Rajesh, this twitter user has been known to stealing or “nabbing” tweets of twitter posts with 100+ Likes & 100+ RTs in order to score a bang. In reality, UtdAidan only gets an average of 5-10 likes in every posts forgetting the fact he has 25k bought followers and counting.

Located in India, UtdAidan has blocked many profiles in order to steal tweets.
Who stole my tweet , it was UtdAidan!

Why did UtdAidan block me???

UtdAidan is such a Nonce
by Football Twitter History May 23, 2020
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UtdAidan , also known as Rajesh is one of the most talked about accounts on ft , theres not one tweet Rajesh hasn't stolen , his thumbs have no skin left on them as he tweets every 10 seconds and he has a habit of blocking people for absolutely anything
Hey you nabbed my tweet , dont do a UtdAidan”
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by Incomesquincy May 27, 2020
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Utdaidan is known on the community of ft as the old Indian man who went on it to find kids to put in his van. “Utdaidan” who can also be named as “Rajesh” steals people’s tweets and claims them as his own because he is too lazy to think of a bang himself. If you tweet out a potential bang, expect Utdaidan to have it on his own account in a couple of minutes.
Person1: my tweet has been stolen by this guy again! Why don’t they think of their own shit!
Person2: I’m guessing Utdaidan stole it as usual
by Joemamasmells May 28, 2020
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One of the biggest nonces on Twitter, he lives in Rangangspir, India, his real name is Rajesh and he is 51 years old. His house is a small dirt hut where he uses his Nokia brick phone to tweet every 4 milliseconds. His tweets are mostly nabbed, he blocks anyone who calls him out. He is best friends with fellow Twitter use Wackywillock. Together they form the nonce duo.
Why has this tweet got zero likes? Oh its UtdAidan
Why has my phone exploded? Oh I had UtdAidans notifs on.
by eirianmuse123 May 27, 2020
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Twitter user also known as Rajesh, who's faster than Alphonso Davies when it comes to nabbing tweets. He also spent £300 on followers.
UtdAidan is a cunt who won't stop nabbing tweets
by Jar Jar was taken May 27, 2020
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