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Commonly referred as Rajesh, this twitter user has been known to stealing or “nabbing” tweets of twitter posts with 100+ Likes & 100+ RTs in order to score a bang. In reality, UtdAidan only gets an average of 5-10 likes in every posts forgetting the fact he has 25k bought followers and counting.

Located in India, UtdAidan has blocked many profiles in order to steal tweets.
Who stole my tweet , it was UtdAidan!

Why did UtdAidan block me???

UtdAidan is such a Nonce
by Football Twitter History May 23, 2020
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A Football Twitter nonce who is aroused around young children and has been cought sending a twitter DM of his Genitals to a Young Girl In which who was a Catfish. His twitter account has been Suspended but his Minions still show sympathy to his Actions.
OMG , MufcSZN is back in my DMs.

MufcSZN is a guy that has no life.
by Football Twitter History May 28, 2019
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