to criticize statements made that are overtly sarcastic and exaggerated for comedic effect in order to destroy chill vibes
"Let's put a bomb in her bag so that she gets apprehended in security."
"There's no way you could possibly do that. Where would you get the resources? How would you get it in the bag? You're so stupid."
"You're ushing so hard now."
by T-shirt_34 April 17, 2015
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Something Weird/Abnormal/Strange To See Or To React To
"Arh bro cant lie, I'm not liking the way you're moving, moving ush fam.
by IskBiz June 6, 2021
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same meaning as "the usual" or the regular, just shortened.
pronounced: th-ee yoo-zh
Kel: Hey man, what's going down today?
Keenan: Oh bro, you know just the ush late night game!
by bebecb October 25, 2010
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Short for "usual". Used among friends to describe something familiar.
It is a good picture. We have drunk face and I think ur making gang signs. You know, the ushe.
by emkman February 12, 2010
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Slang term that means "usual". Typically used by white, wealthy, and popular female highschool or college students to describe their daily routines. Origins: Old Tappan, NJ.
Dude: What up? (5pm)
Girl: Hey, nothing just woke up.. I'm gonna shower and then goto Starbucks, you know, the ushe.

Chump: Hey, want to play monopoly with me tonight??
Chick: Ummmmm, I think I'm going out to dinner with my friends, then hitting up the club and after that the afterparty, I'm not comin home tonight.. that's the ushe.
Chump: Ohhh.. ok (cries)
by netstryke January 8, 2006
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being overconfident at all times while knowing alot but will not show any weakness when it comes to not being knowledgable in the field.
i was ushing all the time during school
by theushman June 5, 2009
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