The fastest man to ever walk the face of the earth.
-"Hey, did you feel that breeze?"
-"No that was just Usain Bolt doing his warm up lap."
by dev23 August 28, 2008
1. He Usain Bolt'd to the store
2. I Usain Bolt'd after the ice cream truck
3. He Usain Bolt'd a mile in 20 seconds
by Private Name Syndrome May 30, 2009
A sexual act in which a partner, typically the woman, puts on a pair of running spikes and proceeds to rapidly stamp on the man’s cock and balls while simultaneously electrocuting his nuts using jumper cables.
Dumbass 1: “yo why can’t you walk straight?”
Dumbass 2: “man my girl gave me The Usain Bolt last night.”
Dumbass 1: “holy goddamn fuck
by Monkey Shagger September 17, 2019
What time will the train get here

Oh... in about a Usain Bolt
by blackjacklover1225 August 26, 2009
A nickname for "Smoke and Run" AKA "Hit and Run", considered by many an Usain-Bolt-like move.
Luke: Hey guys, did Timmy pull the old Usain Bolt on us again?
Samuel: He was so fast I didn't even notice.
by Scratch City Baby November 3, 2012
a question somebody asks when somebody shows off or slacks off near the end of a sporting play or just in life. When Usain Bolt stopped running at the end of his 100M dash. Similar to saying " are you insane?"
"Hey Thomas, you finshed your final english essay yet?"
"No, I don't really need to, the years practically over"
"Are you Usain?"
by Adam Bellerose September 4, 2008