To scroll through the Urban Dictionary and fined fucking absurd and crazy shit that will scar you and make you an irrelevant human being that should be sent to the underworld for what they have read.
Damn Steve should stop Urbanization at night, he's really fucking gay now, and why is he wearing 2 Strap on's?
by DANEMEISTER!!! October 22, 2017
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The increasingly frequent use of words with meanings from Urban dictionary.
Sam: I think my brother's swollorexic
Mike: Wait, did you just use a word from Urban Dictionary?
Sam: Yeah, why?
Mike: Bro i think you're experiencing some urbanization.
by some dude on a planet September 15, 2014
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A politically correct way for US politicians and news sources alike to refer to the influence of "Black-African American" people and/or culture without appearing to be explicitly racist.
"The crime rate in this neighbourhood which for many decades was mainly populated by Irish Catholics has risen substantially due to what towns folk call the "Urbanization of Boston"
by seth_ikrass May 23, 2010
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When you’ve already typed in “Urban” and “Urban Urban” and are seeing how far it goes
“It includedUrban Urban”, I wonder if it has “Urban Urban Urban”, let’s see”
by Emachine420 February 10, 2021
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When your in class and get bored of searching up urban on the urban dictionary so you do the only logical thing you can do... search it up twice.
Me: there’s nothing good on the urban dictionary anymore.
Friend: have you tried looking up urban?
Me yeah I’ve done that many times.
Friend: what about urban urban.
Me: your a genius!
by Votednewt August 18, 2020
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