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Douche bags on Urban Dictionary. They typically post a definition that supposedly makes them look like a "deep" and "thoughtful" person. They think that they're unique in our society, and that somehow they're different. All they are, are 15 year old teenagers that think they're rebelling against "everyone else". All they'll grow up to be is a depressed bank teller.

An Urban Douche can also apply to someone who repeatedly thumbs up there own definition.
Urban Douche: Whoa, I know what would be rebellious... I should talk about how society, media and the government is an evil plot to rape the youth!

olollololol im so deep and different from society that makes me kwl!!1!1!!
by Ferret Tamer January 14, 2011
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Music so good it could elicit sexual arousal.
The new We Came As Romans albums is chock full of bonerjams.
by lpvitus October 28, 2009
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Someone who defines something wrong on urban dictionary.
Me: I was on urban dictionary the other day and I looked up pussy waste and it came up as a cereal

Other guy: Oh wow really well urban dictionary never lies
Me: Yeah well that guy must have been an Urban Douche
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A person that thinks they are awesome simply because they or someone they know added a word to Urban Dictionary.
Person 1: Hey dude, I'm the shit. I put the word smak into Urban Dictionary. Now who wants to touch me?

Person 2: That guy is such an Urban Douche.
by TheUnknownSkier January 26, 2015
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adj, <uhr-ben dew-shh>

An urban douche is someone who uses urban dictionary to define everything that they misunderstand. Usually they "copy and paste" the definition straight from into their reply.
Person 1: "wait what's a peacoat"

Urban Douche: "Wow here...
pea coat 39 up, 9 down

buy pea coat mugs, tshirts and magnets
Pea coats are a style of double breasted overcoat which have recently become associated with scenesters. Wearing one may garner scene cred. Traditionally navy blue.
At a concert I attended recently, pea coats and tight jean were the preferred attire."

Person 2: "You're such an urban douche"
by kidsdontstandachance March 14, 2010
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Urbandouches are people who try to add a definition on Urbandictonary or randomly enter chat rooms and spew hate about one specific person.
Joe: hows life?
Bob: good
"Sed has enterd the chat room"
Joe: hi...
Sed: OmG jEnNIfEr IS a TOTally BItCH!!!!! shES fAt aND HaS no FRIENds!!!!!
Bob: who are you?
"Sed has left the chat room"
Joe: what an URBANDOUCHE
by Leafman April 18, 2009
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