Used as a short hand good bye; via any messaging system. Ensuing that you have an momentary erection while saying goodbye. The meaning derives from watching porn, and sustaining an erection while you leave your private chat, whether it be on facebook, or any more of multimedia messaging.
Susie:"you leaving?"
John: "yeah im Up and out"
Susie:" alright goodbye"
by Smance December 13, 2010
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when life is getting someone down, the best piece of advice for them is to keep their chin up and go balls out and not let anything get to them.
Jason: These two idiots on the farm are really starting to get to me with their negative comments.

Karl: Don't even listen to them, seriously mate....chin up balls out ignore the hillbillies!

Jason: Yeah I suppose, cheers mate you are a hero!
by woodzieworldtour2011 March 27, 2011
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When two people are within a verbal or physical battle and both parties agree to not only stop fighting, but to make out to forgive each other.
I am sorry... Can we just make up & make out?
by Hivterfall July 20, 2014
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A woman so attractive you want to get pregnant to keep her.
The attractive level must surpass a desire to not have children. It will even override common sense however the woman must be a true beauty, not a decent one.
1. That Naomi Komaki is so hot I want to get her pregnant so she would have to stay with me. She's a real knock up knock out.
2. That knock up knock out is so hot I put a hole in the condom.
by Eater of Cherries September 24, 2004
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this is a very uncommon phrase typically used by overweight gay homosexual teenagers who are bored on facebook. it is commonly used as an ending to a status change, tries to represent a cool way to say peace out. but it doesnt work.
"What a fun night. hit me up. swag up thug out"
"Hitting up the guys at the bar tonight, swag up thug out"
''i was tricked so bad by sarah and camille and im gonna try and be cool by saying swag up thug out at the end of my status"
by SCCG September 25, 2009
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When someone becomes extremely intoxicated at a bar and uses their credit card to buy a round of drinks for friends, but doesnt remember it the next day. Then the billing statement comes and they wonder what the fuck the charge is from.
Drunken George decided he was going to use the plastic at the bar for a round of shots. He had a good time that night, but the following week he experienced the fucked-up find-out.
by Stevie Y December 13, 2004
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