to engage in giving or taking up it the arse
also to insert stuff up there too.
Guy1: hey did you know that Jadan's gay?

Guy2: yeah i heard he's into sucking dudes off before school.

Guy3: I hear he takes it wet and sloppy up the pooper!
by PieMast3r March 9, 2010
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Taking a man's penis in one's rectum
Tom: Did you hear that Evan was taking it up the pooper?
Bob: Holy Sh----! I knew he would come out of the closet eventually!
by the johnster November 12, 2013
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When her ass is so tight you can barely poke your pinkey in it.
I was gonna fuck her up the ass but she was so tight all I could do was poke a pinkey up a puckered pooper
by Jimmythejerk May 27, 2020
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