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The unrest was there long before the capital incident, and at least a few people have wanted it to spread like wildfire, rather than send the wildfire to go fuck itself. The people who always talk about or try to hold everyone else accountable are seldom held accountable by anyone themselves, which makes any talk about accountability a joke in the first place.
People were already uneasy about the lockdowns before the masks, then protests went from being about George Floyd, a guy most of the protestors never met and never would have met, to being about shit that had nothing to do with George Floyd's death as an excuse to remove statues and vandalize other public areas, which is really not much different than what the election protestors are doing now. As long as the arsonists and warlords keep lighting fires and there's no consequences for them, there won't be much left to burn down, but the unrest will continue. This is the change some people said they wanted, when really sometimes things were as good as they were gonna get, and some people still fucked it all up by wanting everything to change.
by Solid Mantis January 14, 2021
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