When a game just becomes so ridden with flaws that it's just simply no longer able to be enjoyed. This can apply to games that are just ridden with bad battle systems, petty annoyances that occur frequently, or other quirks.
Final Fantasy VI, on the PlayStation Final Fantasy Anthology version, is unplayable due to horrid lag times for menu screens, battle, towns, and encounters.
by Durango January 10, 2006
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(1) Description of an individual (male or female) who is extremely successful with the opposite sex to the extent that if he or she makes a move on someone, it will inevitably end up with the unplayable individual getting his/her way. The individual often appears to put in little to no effort yet is always successful in record-breaking time.


(2) Description of a female individual who is so attractive that nobody would have the confidence to speak to her, except perhaps an Unplayable male.

Both definitions are analogous with an unplayable cricket delivery, i.e. just too good.
(1) "Where's Tom?"
"He's chatting to that girl over there"
"Oh yeah. Well we won't be getting a taxi back with him then"
"I know. Once a girl is in his sights that's it. The guy is completely unplayable."

(2)"That girl is so good looking, I wouldn't have a prayer of chatting her up."
"Yeah, I know. She's completely unplayable."
by brad2911 April 11, 2012
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A minute bug or graphical glitch in a video game that has next to zero impact on playability. Often used sarcastically.
Korg: Holy shit Thor, that inventory icon in my Fortnite game is offset by one pixel.

Thor: Literally unplayable.
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1. Term used in golf when it is impossible to hit the ball e.g. in the roots of a tree, in very deep rough.

2. The face of a deeply unattractive person, so called because it resembles the sort of shambles described above.
"How did your blind date go?"

"Well, she was a nice enough girl. But she had a face like an unplayable lie."
by juba73 January 14, 2005
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A girl that's so hot she's unable to be approached, so you give up.
We saw Tara Reid at the Super Bowl, but we didn't talk to her because she is an unplayable lie
by Steve&Craig November 14, 2003
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