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adj. describes something that it is really good, not completely spectacular perhaps, but definitely worth praising. If it's extra special, 'beans on toast with cheese on top' is also appropriate.

As an aside, I'd like to take issue with 'anonymous' who has also posted a definition of 'beans on toast'.

Firstly, is this website a recipe board of some sort? Don't the definitions have to have an alternative or slang meaning? Will we be seeing 'cheeseburger, a beef patty between two halves of a sesame seed bun' on here next?

Secondly, not even the British consider beans on toast a delicacy. It's a quick and easy snack, that's all.

Thirdly, 'why do you need the toast?' Why not have toast? Do you only ever eat one food group at a time? Are you saying you'd eat spaghetti bolognese without the spaghetti? Or is this some sort of Atkins diet concern you have?

Aaaand relax...
"Did you see the new series of Spaced?"

"Yeah, that programme is beans on toast."

"...with cheese on top."
by juba73 January 16, 2005
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n. snow, which due it being almost sleet or just because the ground is wet, doesn't settle.

Based more on the heart-warming/heart-rending tales of The Littlest Hobo TV dog, than your regular homeless types.
"Hey look! We're going to have a white Christmas!"

"Nah, it's hobo snow."
by juba73 January 25, 2005
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Essentially, anal sex.

A crude and somewhat chauvinistic analogy which compares making love to a girl to playing a record. The a-side is 'regular' or vaginal intercourse, so it therefore follows that the b-side is anal intercourse.
"So did you flip her over and play the b-side?"

"Oh yeah."
by juba73 January 12, 2005
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1. Term used in golf when it is impossible to hit the ball e.g. in the roots of a tree, in very deep rough.

2. The face of a deeply unattractive person, so called because it resembles the sort of shambles described above.
"How did your blind date go?"

"Well, she was a nice enough girl. But she had a face like an unplayable lie."
by juba73 January 14, 2005
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v. to speed up

A subtle combination of the words swift and hasten, this portmanteau word can be used to describe anything that increases in velocity.
"You'd better swiften or you'll be late."

"Did you see that ball swiftening towards me head?"
by juba73 January 18, 2005
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v. to dump or ditch a girlfriend or boyfriend

This presumably derives from the same root as dump, implying where rubbish ends up.

Also, bin off, for added emphasis
"Are you still seeing that girl?"

"Nah. She was doing my head in so I binned her off."
by juba73 January 19, 2005
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