An ancient artifact wielded by the gods. Can reverse any insult on man. It’s only weakness is the “no u
Person 1: Ur mom gay.
Person 2: no u
Person 1: *uno reverse*
by A_Cristmasfied_Walmart November 7, 2019
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The phenomenon in which Person A falls in love with Person B merely for the reason that B liked A first. Its victims are people with an incredible thirst for attention.
Person A: Did you hear about Jane? I heard she's dating Ken now.
Person B: That means nothing! She fell victim to the ol' Uno Reverse.
by Aysidia March 31, 2020
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The ultimate comeback, it will instantly decintigrate all those who hear it and will send the person the comeback is used upon to the shadow realm
Timmy: your mom gay.
Anthony : your dad lesbian.
Timmy: *plays uno reverse*
Anthony: *endlessly wanders the shadow realm*
by TheRoastyBoi March 29, 2018
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A card used in the game uno. Also used in arguments to counter the insult back at the speaker. The uno reverse is even more powerful then no u
Steve: Ur mom gay
Mark: Uno reverse
Steve: *every atom in his body explodes*
by Uno Reverse March 19, 2018
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when you answer somebody with a reverse uno card and they have to do what they said you should do.
Sofie: "I bet you can't do a backflip!"
Mia: *pulls out uno reverse card cutely*
Sofie: *does backflip cutely* *dies*
by Satan_Simp_OwO_blushes cutely January 31, 2022
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The phenomenon in which a person likes another person only because the other person liked them first
Kim likes Jake back!”
Nah dude, she doesn’t actually like him. She’s experiencing the uno reverse.”
by blinders March 31, 2020
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