A purplish pink stain above the lip that resembles a mustache from drinking a unicorn frappachino.
Dude you see that basic over there , she's got a unicorn sanchez going on.
by Patrick C. Bateman April 19, 2017
Noun: a girl no one would ever think someone would marry
Yep, with that face she’s a definite unicorn bride
by xoxo April 23, 2018
A position created while eating waffles. It consists of a man sticking a dildo to his head and fu king a woman with the dildo while on her period
"Do you want to try a new position tonight"
"Yes the red velvet unicorn"
by Zolaxo2002 March 9, 2020
Bunch of snowflakes that can't handle confrontation, care bear hug me please pussies.
Look at those unicorns from Unicorn server, bunch of melting snowflakes.
by -lul June 27, 2018
when a girl rolls her hair into a bun at the front of her head making her look like she has a horn.
most ghetto unicorns can be spotted at the welfare office or Walmart.
by sjm89 November 5, 2012