To have lost one's sanity; to have been broken under intense pressure mentally.
The murderer finally snapped and confessed after the interrogator drilled him with questions for over twelve hours.
by S. Chopstick January 04, 2005
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"Hey Corey how did you like that new Lupe song?"


white people translation:"wow that was a fantastic rap song. his lyricas were amazing and his flow was fantastic"
by mix master fresh September 12, 2013
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When someone fulfills their potential and begins to perform dramatically better in a given sport or activity. Basically the idea of someone just rising above and outperforming all others in triumph.
He had a triple-double with twelve points, eleven assists and ten rebounds, but also had 8 steals. He snapped.
by Hubbz February 25, 2019
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Snapped basically means you just did sung so good are weaves were snatched or made a speech, comment, statement that was just bomb
“TYRONE what makes you think I’m sleepin with yo musty ass” -“ouUuuuuu BEST FRANNNN REALLY SNAPPED
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by Applespoppin June 19, 2018
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