A mixture of cocaine (blow) and one more Pixie sticks. Traditionally, blue.
I'm not gay, but things got really weird with the football team after we all did a unicorn trail.
by Applejax September 01, 2017
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A group of ten or more people having group sex in an icecream parlor.
I was invited to a Unicorn Tree party but i didn't want to go because i heard that Melissa had crabs.

Nick invited his girlfriend to a Unicorn Tree party but she didn't like the idea of having sex with strangers.
by SUPER NINJA LORD MELISSA! November 22, 2010
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The type of thing you shave into the side of your co-worker's hair when he is being a twat waffle.
Stacy loves unicorn wangs more than he loves his boyfriend's wang.
by CMO7 August 01, 2017
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Indian leg wrestling with two dudes with hard-ons
Jay and Stephen were unicorn wrestling and one of them broke his penis
by Dustinyv June 17, 2019
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When you and your partner get on the top bunk of a bunk bead with rails and the receiving partner assumes doggy style and the delivering partner does a handstand and leans the package into the desired hole while convulsing and making horse noises
"Omg. Becky, kyle and I did the Unside-down dead unicorn last night on the top bunk and it rocked my world"
by CerberusX01 October 16, 2021
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Referring to a male or male parts.
Person: Hello upside-down unicorn
Random male: what?
Person: you are a male so I define you as such
by Makingthingsreal March 04, 2016
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