When you and your partner get on the top bunk of a bunk bead with rails and the receiving partner assumes doggy style and the delivering partner does a handstand and leans the package into the desired hole while convulsing and making horse noises
"Omg. Becky, kyle and I did the Unside-down dead unicorn last night on the top bunk and it rocked my world"
by CerberusX01 October 16, 2021
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Referring to a male or male parts.
Person: Hello upside-down unicorn
Random male: what?
Person: you are a male so I define you as such
by Makingthingsreal March 04, 2016
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A word to describe how Benny is sexually vanilla
Use Vanilla Unicorn in any way you want when describing Benny
by Yhournumberonefan December 03, 2019
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What a female does the following morning after indulging in unprotected anal sex with a gay man who, typically, is highly desirable to both men and women, making the term one of begrudging admiration.
Lexi "Did you see Candy last night, she's such a sexy slut; she even trapped Todd?" Eva, "you mean Todd, the gay barman with the body to die for? Wow, I guess she"ll be shitting rainbows and unicorns this morning; bitch".
by Grandsire July 31, 2019
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