A term used in fighting games and other multiplayer videogames to describe a playstyle/character/tactic that relies heavily on offensive, so excessively that the player becomes blindly to everything else in the match. These players may also be referred to as "gorillas" or "cavemen"
"All you have to do to win is to jump over the fireball and go full Unga Bunga on them. Lay on the pressure and don't give them a chance to breathe."
by PKSomething May 13, 2021
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A term coined in the fighting game community to describe a character in a fighting game that is so hyper offensive that you can turn your brain off and do well. Examples: Ultra instict Goku (Dragonn ball fighterz), Leo (Guitly Gear), Paul Phoenix/Marshall law(Tekken),Rashid (Street fighter 5)
player 1: all you do is go in, no neutral no footsies no pokes. just a straight unga bunga returne to monkey character
Player 2:....DEATHFIST?
by Grimenigma May 14, 2021
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Greatest honor you get.
Grog made cave painting other day.
Got seven Unga Bungas.
Grog now have most Unga Bunga.
Unga Bunga
by ThatDefinitiveBoi March 4, 2019
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caveman see cavewoman bend over, shouts unga bunga as caveman give's it to cavewoman from behind.
by Jack Death01 July 11, 2008
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My dad uses this word to refer to marijuana.
" Can you smell that unga bunga ? "


" Hey do you want some of this unga bunga? "
by Brittany C Cameron May 31, 2008
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A game, originating from family guy, wherein you and your opponent hold a mattress and ram into eachother full speed/full force. Also you have to chant UNGA BUNGA repeatedly. It can cause injuries.
Hugh mann: "Lets play UNGA BUNGA"
Sue P. R. Mann: "If you have the matresses"
by 13UNOWN June 9, 2017
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A fighting game term for characters with very easy access to game-breaking exploits and cheese moves that can lead to cheap wins.
(ex. Hero's RNG in Smash Bros.)
This character has very unga bunga tech that can help cheese out a winner for the set.
by onihaiena May 13, 2020
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