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The act of removing a friend from your facebook account.

Compulsive people prune their friend list periodically, removing people that they no longer have contact with. More often though, unfriending is only done when a particular friend's updates and self-promotions become so annoying that you can no longer stand hearing about them. Or you might unfriend someone when they piss you off, however, this is not very effective since the person who is unfriended is not notified that you unfriended them and you'd be better off to keep them as a friend and plot your revenge.
Dude, did you fucking unfriend me on facebook? I was looking for your email address and you're not in my friend list anymore. WTF?
by maktar June 13, 2008
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An absolutely terrifying event to behold, considering that many would rather commit suicide than be unfriended on Facebook (or any other social networking site that no one could care any less about. i.e Myspace).
Jeremy: Oh, god. No... NO!

John: What is it, bro?

Jeremy: Ashley unfriended me... I- I CAN'T TAKE IT! *Hurls self out the window.*
by Fishletz May 14, 2011
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The act of removing people from your 'friends list' on LiveJournal just to let them know you hate them, and you hope they die. In fact, you don't just hate them and hope that they die, but you hope they die a long, slow, painful, gut wrenching death. Preferably in a Turkish Prison that is overrun with skin eating mutant leeches.
I hate that person. I'm going to unfriend their ass.
by yougot0wn3d November 5, 2004
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The act of removing someone from your LiveJournal 'Friends List'.

One of the many ways to bitch slap someone on 'Teh Interweb'. Often happens in a domino effect, especially when one person doesn't like you - and they're good at influencing other people. With the right amount of pressure, one 'Unfriending', will lead to several.

But if that one person (ususually known as the queen bee) happens to 'Refriend' you, you'll notice the other drones will follow suit, because they are Borg, and have been 'assimilated'.

See minion, bitch, LiveJournal, slave, mindless, sheep, poser, drone, hive, insect.
"OMG. We hate that person this week. Didn't you know that?"
"No. Sorry. I didn't. Why do you hate them? What did they do??"
"Does it matter? WE JUST DO. Now UNFRIEND them from your Journal and get with the program!"
by electronicbattleground November 9, 2004
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To remove someone from your friends list as on Facebook, etc.
Joe and I are no longer tight so I unfriended him.

I shouldn't have agreed to her friend request so I'm just going to unfriend her.
by Dunemoth January 28, 2009
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1. To remove someone from your Facebook, or other social networking site. Doing this is often seen as a passive-aggressive move, telling the person without telling them that you no longer want to be friends. It's also commonly a response to drama. 'Unfriend' someone often causes more drama. There are sometimes valid reasons for doing this and sometime even more than one, even...on separate occasions.

What can you do about this if someone has 'unfriend' you? Just be open-minded about the situation, never assume and always ask them why they have done this for. You never know they may be going through a hard time because of this!?
Little Johny has 'unfriend' all of his friends, closed his account down, re-opened another account, added his friends again, decided to 'unfriend' and delete his account again. And so on, and so forth....

Little Johny decides to 'unfriend' some of his friends, who are not close friends. He feels that he wished, at the beginning when he created his Facebook account that he only added close friends and Family. He is not doing this because he dis-likes his other friends, he is doing this for the same reason why all the family meet up for Christmas Lunch - you don't invite every Tom, Dick, and Harry to the meal do you??

Little Johny goes out to a party and someone gives him a little something too strong. It brings on intense paranoia and he believes everyone is out to get him, including his Facebook friends! He feels the CIA to the smurfs are watching him and so he decides to 'unfriend' everyone and delete his account.

Little Johny hates the way Facebooks is set up: bored of the blue colour, bored of the bugs and issues within Facebook, bored because by this point in time nobody ever talks to him because he has 'unfriend' and deleted his Facebook account ridiculous amounts of time. A slight depression sets in and he decides to 'unfriend' everyone and delete his account again!!

Little Johny.....etc. etc.
by techcom January 2, 2014
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Bob: i am going to unfriend you.
Joe: no dont unfriend me
by word bank 1223457688458357 February 10, 2010
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