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Any one of a number of people, who follow one or more bands around for the soul purpose of 'socializing' at the band's shows, rather than actually listening and appreciating the music being played. The 'socializing' however, is negative: gossiping, slandering, causing drama, starting rumors, crying, fighting, looking to get laid, STALK, looking to break up with someone or cause a break up, bitching, pissing, moaning, or being a general PAIN IN THE ASS to anyone who is there, trying to hear the GOD DAMN MUSIC! See idiot, asshat, hag, bitch, asshole, groupie, obsessed, stalker, alcoholic, and mentally ill.
The whole night will suck because all the clannies will be there.
by yougot0wn3d November 5, 2004
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The kind of headache you get from listening to some annoying hag go on and on about something you could care less about. Sadly, this type of headache takes a hell of a lot more than 2 Motrins to get rid of, which is why most people who are married to a hag, end up being alcoholics. See alcoholic.
She went on and on all afternoon, and gave me the worst hagache I have ever had in my life.
by yougot0wn3d November 5, 2004
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Any place where one or more women gather to gossip, cause drama, bitch, whine, and otherwise be miserable wretches together, because their hormones are out of whack, and they refuse to seek proper medical help.
Last night's show became a hormone-a-gogo.
by yougot0wn3d November 5, 2004
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One of the best things you can say to someone who has dug themselves a nice, deep hole, and has fallen right into it.
"Shit. I didn't think anyone would tell her I said that!"
"Well, they did, so suck it up buttercup"
by yougot0wn3d November 5, 2004
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OMGWTFBBW!! This fucking creepy guy won't leave me alone!! He keeps sending me flowers, and asking me out on dates! He called me, and left a suicidal message on my answering machine! WTF! He has a wall covered with my pictures! HELP!!!
by yougot0wn3d November 5, 2004
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Something you should say to pathetic little sissies, and and drama queens who hide behind 'teh interweb' aka: email, chat rooms, AIM, LiveJournal, Blogs, forums, etc. - and fight their battles via the internet, because they're too chicken shit to deal with anyone in person. See pussy, wuss, loser and chicken shit.
Ok. ENOUGH with the fucking LiveJournal shit. You know where I live, so shut up and bring it!
by yougot0wn3d November 5, 2004
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An imaginary creature that is often blamed for mishaps, bad luck, trouble, and bad weather. The 'notme' is also the official scape goat of all trouble making drama queens/kings who talk trash, and get caught.
"I heard someone has been calling me fat."

by yougot0wn3d November 5, 2004
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