A form of eating out a girl. Oral sex position.

Girl lay on their back with their legs raised up pointing toward the ceiling. The exact end position will depend on the flexibility of the receiver. This position exposes the groin area to the giving partner who kneels there to perform.
I gave my girlfriend a good seeing to by going under the hood, she was wriggling in ineffable pleasure, revealing her raw self to me, finally collapsing in cathartic paroxysm. It was the hottest moment.
by Weenus Hicks August 18, 2009
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describing how large a womans breasts or tits are... similar to junk in the trunk
Damn she got a lota junk in the trunk but nothing under the hood.
by Flashbang February 27, 2005
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After smelling my armpits, Sally spent the rest of the afternoon checking under the hood.
by Droolcavity March 22, 2005
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When you drop your pants and underwear then firmly grasping your dick and balls and pulling them up. Thus exposing your gooch. You also have the option to lean back or stand on your toes to give a better look to the recipient of the peek.
Man my teacher was a bitch the whole school year so on the last day before I walked out I gave her a Peek Under the Hood.
by CrazyQuentin June 17, 2017
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This is an insider LGBT term for acknowledging that someone is a pre-op transvestite while simultaneously soliciting sex from said individual. This statement is often followed by backroom sex play included but not limited to fellatio, scat play, skull fuckery, and anal bondage.
you: "Hey there Mr. Movie Star. There's a cat under your hood."
movie star: "Wow, I'm impressed you noticed. Come over into my dressing room for a little while."
you: "i'd be happy to. You'll notice I have black, red, and brown hankys in my right and left back pockets."
movie star: "I read you loud and clear Danny boy! Let's get to it!"
(refer to hanky code wikipedia page for more information)
by Dark Vader December 6, 2013
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