1. A law made my Congress that undermines the rule of law in the Constitution.

2. An action taken by the Executive Branch that goes against the rule of law in the Constitution.
by TCT March 28, 2008
adjective - uhn-kon-sti-too-shuh-nl
1 When one does not get their way. Most often used by white, evangelicals during an election season.

similar words/phrases: saddened, disappointed, temper tantrum, sweet salty tears
opposite words/phrases: rational, fair, even-handed
Ex) Mr. Orange didn't win. This is clearly unconstitutional.
by ElGalloMacho November 9, 2020
Deprivation of the God-given right to unload last night's meal.
I'm feeling bloated today. I started the day off with a morning unconstitutional.
by R.H. January 11, 2008
when something is totally wack, unfair or irritating. Mainly used by college students at Saint Anselm College and made popular by Annemarie if you know her I’m jealous)
I can’t believe my teacher didn’t curve the test, that’s unconstitutional.

It’s below freezing, simply unconstitutional.
by money15360 July 29, 2021