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A figurative relative who comes to visit when you vomit. Similar to Aunt Flo.
DeSean: "How did last night go? Did you get it on with LaShawna?"
LeSean: "Nah man, hit the booze too hard and ended up getting a visit from Uncle Ralph."

Sean: "Dude, did you read Ralph Waldo Emerson's classic 'The American Scholar'? That shit is monkey-fighting LEGIT! In da hizzouse!"
Shawn: "Psssht! More like Uncle Ralph Waldo Emerson! That guy was a total clown. I don't think I could get through a paragraph of his writing without losing my lunch. I'm more a fan of some of the modern-day philosophers like Rebecca Black, who tackles more relevant issues like which seat is best to occupy in a vehicle, or Aaron Carter, who explores the division of dreams and reality in his great work 'That's How I Beat Shaq.'"
Sean: "Dude. No."
by Nicholas D November 09, 2011
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