The greatest school ever with the greatest
bball team ever.
Because duke sucks, my brother went to UNC
by peebs February 16, 2004
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Common abbreviation for the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Close examination usually yields a grossly high twat to decent person ratio. Frequently caught looking down its nose at the State University of North Carolina, and up at Duke University. Recent numbers produced by the University's own demographics center show a 65-35 female male ratio, with a annually wavering percentage of male homosexuals, usually centered around 36-38 percent.
"A straight male at UNC is a hot commodity, I guess"

"Mike Nifong went to UNC"

"John Edwards went to State, disowned them, and declared loyalty to UNC. Good riddance because he's a dirty piece of shit that cheats on his cancerous wife"
by tomanderson1 January 03, 2009
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abbreviation for "uncomforable". can be used in place of common abrev. "awk" in order to be more original
Girl 1-"who was that weird guy with the pornstar mustache talking to you?"

Girl 2- " i don't know, but he was making me hella unc"
by fantacular November 26, 2011
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Greatest basketball team to ever play in the NCAA, has won 4 national titles, and recently beat Illinios to win the 2005 NCAA title.Their rivals are Duke which have the ugliest players, ugliest coach, and just basically suck. Everything>>>>>Duke.
Duke sucks, UNC rules.
by John April 21, 2005
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A school that excels in offering the best education in the most useless degrees such as English and History. However, UNC's neighboring universities, Duke and NC State, succeed in offering useful degrees such as engineering, math, the sciences, agriculture, and many more. Unfortunately, many Alumni and students at UNC are very unaware of how useless there school is since they are busy overly-obsessing about their school.
Employer: So tell me about your educational background.
UNC Grad: I have a Bachelor's degree in History.
Employer: That really doesn't help us.
UNC Grad: Yes, but it's a top history school
Employer: Okay.....
by Jesse. B. April 02, 2008
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The college that all worthless North Carolinians attend. Any worthwhile major will be found at NC State - such as engineering, agriculture, or veterinary medicine. Duke beats UNC at the few and trivial things that State temporarily cannot. (basketball) Every male who attends UNC is either already gay, will become gay, or is bisexual. If a student at UNC ever makes anything of him/herself (which is rare), it is because he/she sucked a lot of penis or had a really good friend at NC State. Most UNC fans are also illiterate.
NC State grad: "I'm an engineer who works for a major company that brings jobs to thousands of North Carolinians. My wife is a vet who treats livestock for our fellow NC State alumnus, Farmer Dave. He makes sure NC has plenty of food. We help make North Carolina the great state that it is."

UNC grad: "My partner and I are trying to move out of NC to San Fransisco where our culture is accepted. We are trying to raise enough money by selling art and sucking dick."
by pack4life February 10, 2011
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