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To bust a virgin cherry, "To boldly go where no man has gone before".
Daren started dating Sherry in Junior High but she didn't let him go Captain Kirk on her 'til their first year in college.
by Carl de Riot October 13, 2007

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A piece of human filth that thinks he is superior to everyone else on the planet.
Wow, that Dr. Klein is a real shit heel. Sumbitch thinks he knows everything, man.
by Carl De Riot August 17, 2007

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To crap. To take a dump. To have shat. To enter the loo for the purpose of defecating.
Boys you'll have to excuse me for a few minutes, I need to put one in the pan.
by Carl De Riot October 24, 2007

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To eat with extreme verve and panache. To really slap on the proverbial feed bag. Usually best accomplished at local restaurants featuring a buffet or an "all you can eat" event.
Dude, I really slobbed at the buffet last night. It was harsh; Woke up this morning, brushed my teeth, shaved, and shat like an animal!
by Carl De Riot September 12, 2007

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A bunch of tool ass buildings thrown together in Chapel Hill, North Carolina known as the University of North Carolina. Not known for education as much as for tolerating, and thusly training, superior Negro athletes, especially in basketball. After two years (rarely three) these black gentlemen (typically still reading on a third grade level) usually bolt the place for some serious loot in the NBA never to set foot in that shit hole town again. White UNC Alumni usually hold these "boys" in the highest esteem however, and worship them until their last breath. Most UNC Alumni refer to non UNC attending negros simply as "Niggers" and disdain them accordingly. In four years you can get an education there but you still won't amount to shit unless your family has connections. The Medical and Dental schools there are quite superior as these are typically attended by students who gained a degree elsewhere.
I hired a herd of undergrads from UNC to cut my lawn. Went outside and the stupid fucks were out there eating the clippings and drinking from my hose. I charged each of their dumb asses $5.00 for the buffet and told them to beat it.
by Carl de Riot October 14, 2007

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