The complete shadow present during an eclipse.
Surrounded by the Penumbra.
From my vantage point in the helicopter, i could see where the line between the umbra and the penumbra was on the ground.
by pythonspam November 07, 2003
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The darker part of a shadow when an eclipse is formed.
Hey Bob were in the Umbra
by StupidBoob October 09, 2003
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To lie like a bastard. (This is considered such an insult that the proper response would be to punch your accuser in the face)

The source of this word comes from 'UmbraSG' a compulsive liar who doesn't lie well enough to pull it off.

For instance, some of the doozies he's actually expected those around him to believe include: Making supercomputers for an underground hacker organization, worrying about proper shielding or the military will show up and confiscate them. Having connections in the organized crime elements of pretty much every culture especially the triads and the yakuza. His family owning.....everything. Contradicting reports of where he works.....given hourly. Pretending to have a girlfriend. Claiming to have created a semi-intelligent AI when he's really just talking to himself using multiple clients. And changing his ethnicity on a weekly basis (His last known ethnicity was Native was African American before that....)

There are moments of 'clarity' where he says things that seem truthful....such as the fact that he's a produce clerk, or that he lives in his mother's basement. I chalk them up to drugs and/or alcohol (Especially given the following excerpt)

<@UmbraSG> QUESTION: What language is the offical language of Japan?
<@Everything_Taste_Like_Chicken> german
<@UmbraSG> nope
<@UmbraSG> try agin
<@UmbraSG> There is no law stating that Japanese is the official language of Japan.
<@Gundam> what's your point
<@UmbraSG> My point is, I have a small penis
<@UmbraSG> :P

See what I mean?
<Baka-chan> Actually I'm currently working on my own animated feature.
<Taitsu_KuN> Stop being such an Umbra.
<Baka-chan> #>_<
* Baka-chan picks up a chair and hits Taitsu in the face, scattering his teeth like chicklets.
by Baka-chan July 27, 2003
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plural version of umbra. the darkest part of a shadow.
shadow of moon during new moon
by Cats bass May 24, 2005
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A fully trained master in the art of Umbraco.
The Umbra Kai were well known throughout the land as powerful CMS masters.
by Rancorio January 21, 2019
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