Acronym for U KNOW I AM HIGH which is very relevant to the what people in Ukiah do
When I went to Nevada, everyone knew I was a stoner because of my Ukiah sweatshirt.
by vivrelavie March 07, 2011
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Ukiah is a town of ~15,000 located 120 miles north of San Francisco in a crossroads of the wine country and redwoods. The seat of Mendocino County, it sits as one of the few towns in what is a lush agricultural area.
Ukiah is also an epicenter of progressive politics--well known for its decriminalization of marijuana and the ban of genetically modified organisms. However, there is also a significant conservative population as well.
While Ukiah has been blessed with beauty, with the closure of several logging and industrial company, jobs are often hard to find. At the same time, the wide appeal of Ukiah's small-town charm and the slow but stead sprawl of the Bay Area has made housing prices high for an area of its size and isolation.
Ukiah and nearby Hopland and Mendocino have a great deal to see, and Ukiah's festiveness make it a great place to live--if you don't mind a pay cut and leaving the conveniences of the city behind.
by c-d March 25, 2005
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A town of about 15,000, located in northern California, in Mendocino County. If you live in Ukiah, you're either an anti-big business "liberal" teenager who thinks they know politics, or a shotgun-toting conservative redneck-type. There isn't a lot to do in Ukiah, but instead of finding something to do, the teens whine and complain that they don't have a mall or a skate park. The high school is pretty nasty up in Ukiah, even though most of the teachers are either funny or good (or sometimes both). They're just trying to teach a bunch of potheads who would rather be somewhere else. Oh, yes, pot. Enter a random backyard in Ukiah, and odds are you'll find marijuana (Ask the owner of the house about it, and he'll/she'll claim it's for "medical" purposes). Ukiah is an interesting place to visit, but don't count on moving there, since no one can afford it.
If you couldn't tell, I'm a native of Ukiah.

Ukiah is "haiku" spelled backwards.
by BLARG man October 13, 2004
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Ukiah was named the #1 small town in California and the #7 small town in the United States
Ukiah is a town in California
by c-d March 25, 2005
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Small town in California where AFI originated
Davey, Hunter, Jade, and Adam are from Ukiah
by Iheartafi June 18, 2004
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A town in California its' name is an acronym for usually kickin' it at home
My cousin lives in ukiah
by steelheader March 15, 2008
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ukiah high school: the school where hippie stoners and yeehaw conservatives coexist, sometimes forming yeehaw stoner conservatives. located in ukiah, california, a town just as small and depressing as the school campus. its the only major public high school in the entire town, so if theres someone u don’t like from middle school, congratulations! ur stuck with them for another four years. the school is known for giving half the student body depression, shitty math teachers, and spending a MONTH on homecoming. everyone dresses like hippie stoner hobos, wannabe Emma Chamberlains, or just hicks. the parking lot is 80% trucks and jeeps and they all park together to assert their dominance. during lunch seniors, juniors, sophomore, and freshies who hide under blankets in the backseat of the car to avoid school security bc they aren’t allowed to leave campus, head over to Raleys to hang out in the parking lot. since uhs is so painfully boring, half the school shows up high or zooted. bathrooms? there’s only juul rooms, and the soap is never full. there’s nothing to do for fun except get drunk,high,and party. u have to go to santa rosa to do anything interesting. people worship the baroza’s like they’re the Kardashians. the partys are either lame as shit or insane, and theres always at least 3 people who graduated 4 years ago trying to get with some shitfaced 15 year old. people either love ukiah high or fucking hate it and if you love it chances are you’re gonna peak in high school.
person 1: what school do you go to?
person 2: ukiah high school
person 1: LOL XD slay
by psychedelic cats February 03, 2019
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