An ugly bitch is one who makes you think that when they were born their mom threw out the baby and kept the after birth
they are mean, hypocritcal, and often fat
Kelly Robinson of San Diego California is an ugly bitch.
by Beautiful November 12, 2004
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A fat, ugly girl who wears short skirts and too tight shirts because she thinks she is the hottest thing on the planet.

She is a bitch to anyone other than her ugly bitch friends because she thinks that everyone else is inferior.
ugly bitch: Hey Carol, nice shoes, NOT!

Carl: Hey! Nice face! NOT
by SuicideBlonde June 22, 2009
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a hot girl and/or guy but their personally is bad and only cares about themself
by D.Shadows January 11, 2009
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those girls that are just way too ugly to fuck with; girls that weigh more than a vw bug, paper baggers, and the girls you just can not look at
The boy puked when he saw her because she was one of the ugly bitches. There is at least one ugly bitch in every crew.
by Héráshíó September 23, 2006
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a gurl or boy dat just aint cute or pretty at all
damn look at dat ugly bitch.
by kjadfb January 3, 2008
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vtrustedharry (smhharry), zoe laverne (zoe lagroomer), tony lopez (tony lopedo) and anyone who stans ugly bitches are examples of ugly bitches.
"Zoe Laverne, vtrustedharry, Lovely Peaches and Tony Lopez are my idols!"

"Oh, welcome to the ugly bitch club!"
"Now you're an ugly bitch! Because you stan ugly bitches you know..."
by 5ttt5ttt5 November 30, 2020
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This female can be found normally with a group of extremely hot girls, and is typically fat, ugly, disgusting, greasy, looks like a train just ran over her face or is just totally hideous.
Oh my god... Did you see that girl? She defiantly has the Ugly bitch syndrome..
by lucy snow January 13, 2011
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