Referred from 'Big Shaq' - When he was relevant - in one verse to define one's girl as a prostitute.

If one simply still refers to this phrase, then one's a bellend.
See your gurl in da park, dat gurl is an uckas
by YourWifeTicklesMyToes March 6, 2018
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or shortend version of fucker, eben mccue has made up this word. he has done so because he is scared of saying the accual word becaue he is a wimp, a failure
man, your a ucka

UCK i stubbed my toe

by jeremy patten September 22, 2004
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I word used when someone wants to curse but doesn't want to curse.

This phrase is used by people that normally never ever curse. So, when they have to it sounds like they are cursing but they aren't really.
Tim: Hey man did you see what happened at the club?
Jon: Yea, man that motha ucka was crazy!
Tim: Did you just curse but not curse?
Jon: *cough* no *cough*
by TheCrazy November 22, 2009
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