I hate that shopping site, they didn't spend to much time thinking about the UX.
by Coramsfield November 5, 2010
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The act of continuously improving the interactions between users and products.
When I'm uxing, I'm doing it for your mom.
by GA21 August 26, 2014
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a weezer fan or femcel that hasn't felt the touch of another person since childhood who's brian has been absolutley rotted by the internet
Why is an ux at this party
by Fel5 June 30, 2021
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Southern NH slang for a classic looking, clean-cut, shaved head police officer
Slow bro...look, Ux.
by omen8 productions December 24, 2006
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Short for user experience design. At one point the word had a lot of value until it was hijacked by ux gurus.

The word has become so diluted with nonsense that the industry has had to completely shift its definitions. You’ll now see the term “product designer” come up more often.
Ux designer: The human interaction of the users past experiences leads us to believe that his persona is more inline with the empathy of a German born uncle.

Product designer: so we’ll make the button blue.
by Design fun January 7, 2021
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A person who claims to have knowledge of the field of UX, but is actually devoid of any knowledge of the field. The problem is rooted in the combination of self-delusion, self-grandiosity, self-righteousness, and an inability to see what UX truly is in reality.

Some schools that offer UX cetifications are factories that produce UX monkeys, as they cajole oblivious people with the promise of imparting real knowledge that is in fact superficial.
UX Designer: What do you think of the hamburger menu on this site?

UX Monkey: What's that? The menu at a fast food joint?

UX Designer: Ummm ... the one in which there are options housed in a navigation drawer. Didn't you learn this from your UX degree?

UX Monkey: Yeah. I don't know. All we do is make wireframes and stuff.

UX Designer: Bro, I think you're a UX monkey.
by notanothermonkey February 7, 2018
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the uber-hip quick-action version of the popular adjective hardcore unemployed. if it's even possible, this looks even more hxc uxe than the real word(s) and sounds twice as much so. it holds a whole new attitude that tells you not to mess with it unless you know what you're doing.
1. "dude, this definition is so hxc uxe, you have no idea"
2. "i saw these guys today, they were totally broing out hxc uxe. i was hxc uxe freaked out. Gieda would be hxc uxe pumped to hell, since there was some natty ice and a big black dildo and even some hxc uxe gamecube involved"
3. gamecube
by Jarricklietti Productions December 20, 2006
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