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University of Western Australia, A prestigious university which is a member of the group of 8. Located in Perth, Western Australia. This university has excellence across all disciplines.
Some Random: Stand back! that guy is a gun
Someone: Why?
Some Random: He's from UWA!
Someone: Oh damn, explains it!
by JarrydG August 27, 2008
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also known as- United Whores of America. It consists of a a group of girls with nicknames according to their style. Such as pussy, titty, and hornball. No one really knows who they are, but they are out there, and guys want them. Known to be heavenly sexually. The best part it that they are secret....shhhh. You can not be a member unless you are appointed a name, and asked, by the ultimate members, titty, pussy and hornball
-dude did you hear about the UWA?
-ya man, i wanna meet those girls!
- ya i heard they're amazing
-who are they?
- i dunno? they're out there though.
by tutayfrutay December 23, 2005
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The United Whores of America. They are a very elite class of promiscuous girls/guys and are a secret organization. You can only be invited by the leaders and only for doing some act of extreme whore-ness. They also have a code name that is rarely used, hug-slut. Which is quite ironic, considering they do way more than just hug.
Carson is such an uwa member, he gets with Hannah, one of the leaders, all the time, and tends to enjoy hooking up with girls he just met at parties.
by lead uwa July 08, 2009
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The world-renowned baka-hentai of endless power!
One world, one man, one mission: UWA. Coming to theaters this September.
by NOT UWA October 06, 2003
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the biggest arrogant winer in the world.if she doesn't get her way she wines with another bigg winer joni
sometimes i want to shove a nife through uwas head
by corey e November 04, 2003
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her name sounds like uwu because she makes u do just that
by uwa uwa October 23, 2018
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