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An acronym of "Up the Rams", used by fans of Derby County Football Club (nicknamed "The Rams") to illustrate their support for the team. It is usually used in online message boards, on msn and in text messages.
Jack: You going to the Derby game this weekend?

John: Yeah man, me and Joe got our tickets this morning. UTR!
by SellyOakRam August 06, 2010
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a shortage for "under the radar" used to describe the status of being offline on e.g. msn messenger in order to avoid contact from specific people, but still being able to communicate with those desired.
Yep im online, just utr, I'm avoiding that chick i hooked up with last week.
by Thomas Jahn October 26, 2007
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Stands for: Under The Radar.

Used when playing Online Reality Games. It describes someone that is being quiet, and unnoticeable in a reality game. The person doesn't win many challenges, does not make many alliances, and does make a big deal of things.
On the latest season of Survivor, Jenn's stratigy was UTR.
by JSA May 22, 2005
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Upward Turd Roll. The practice of declining an undesirable work assignment, and attempting to reassign it to your supervisor or manager.
employee: "Sorry boss, I'm too busy to complete my TPS report - you'll need to handle this week."
boss: "That sounds like a UTR!"
by mddlmgr December 04, 2016
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