Bulgarian for let's go or come on.
Commonly used in Western Armenian as well.
Synonym Arabic: Yalla
Greek: Ela
Haide yalla man lets go to the party!
by Armenianstyle June 17, 2011
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Romanian word used for "Come!", "Come on!" or "Come along!", at the second person, singular. It has also a shorter form, "Hai!". The form for the first person, plural, is "Haidem!" (short form, "Hai!") and for the second person, plural, is "Haideţi!" (short form, "Hai!"). It is used, also, in bulgarian (хайде), serbian, albanian, turkish (from which is seems to originate), and western armenian, with same meaning. In the new greek language, it's form is "ἄïντε" (read "aide"), but the most used is "Ελα". In arabic language, the same meaning it has the word "Yalla", (يللا), with variants "Yallah" (ياللا) or "Yala" (يلا), from which it was borrowed to hebrew, turkish and persian languages.
Haide, haide, Ioane, grăbeşte-te! (Come in, come in, John, hurry up!)
Haide acasă, George! (George, Come home!)
by Ryō-Sumy April 16, 2018
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An extremely lazy brown guy who still manages to outdo his peers; often possesses a tall, dark, and handsome appearance and overly thoughtful expressions.
1. Ay, stop being a Haids. You're making us all look bad.
2. Look at that Haids. He's a catch. I'm gonna have to trap him.
by Naveed Sukhrora June 20, 2008
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Hippie AIDS. The #1 killer of hippies.
Man, I can't believe Matt caught HAIDS from that chick with the hairy pits.
by MoBiggins October 18, 2010
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A man who enjoys sexual pleasure with older woman, mainly mothers over the age of 35. The act of performing sexual acts with woman who fail the majority standard by mainstream men.
Gees man, did you see that walrus that got Haids? Haids really gave it to her!
by Sp@nky69 July 13, 2008
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a deadly disease that is a combination of Herpes and AIDES
Man1: Damn man. i think i got HAIDES from that asian prostitute i met at that drumming session.

Man2: Stay away from me.
by drugs864538458465 March 02, 2009
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A shitty copypasta or something that make literaly no sense but its funny
Jake: So what have you been up to?
Michael: Sarpili Haide
by AlzeLemon November 13, 2020
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