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The guitarist of The Used. Absolutely fxcking awesome. He is not only extremely talented (The Used's guitar tracks are pretty hard to play) but breathtakingly gorgeous. Also, in the album cover of In Love And Death he said, "... Joseph Smith the greatest fiction writer of the latterday next to Tolkien." That is a statement to respect.
Quinn Allman, I LOVE YOU.
by Jassie May 28, 2005
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Quinn Allman is a founding member of rock bank The Used, in which he plays guitar and sings backup vocals. The band is based in Orem, Utah, USA, where he was born on January 18, 1982. He uses Schecter and Gibson guitars, though he confesses he's "not really a gear head." He cites Face to Face's album "Ignorance Is Bliss" as one of his biggest influence, on his life as well as his musical aspirations.
Quinn Allman plays guitar in the band The Used.
by a user September 01, 2007
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Quinn Allman is the most talented spiritual guitarist there is... his mind is deep.. his lyrics are but poetic plays on words...
by amanda May 02, 2004
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the most beautiful man to ever walk the planet. tall and blonde...mmm mmm good. plays guitar for the used. he rocks out loud!

"believe in something real and powerful like music. God is just a concept, but music is tangible."- quinn allman
honey! while you're at the store could you get me a quinn allman? thanks. (if only...)
by bert mccracken's lover June 22, 2005
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The fucking hottest thing Ive ever seen in my life and hes extremly good in bed!
"Quinn Allman is a hott father and I want to suck his cock"
by Hannah June 30, 2004
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