Underrepresented minority, often used on college admissions websites.
African-Americans and Native Americans are often categorized as URMs and are believed to receive preferential treatment during the college admissions process.
by indysmack July 16, 2005
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A sound made when one is unsure, or can't think of what to say, or are trying to remember something.
And then..urm, I went to...

Urm...I think that was on Sunday...

We urm...are a very..urm...happy bunch of...urm...people.
by youXdunnoXme June 17, 2005
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The opposite side of the arm to the elbow or reverse of the knee. Can actually apply to any joint that can't easily bend more than 180 degrees.
The bloody cat jumped up and scratched my leg - got a nasty cut on my Urm!
by ElMongol October 8, 2004
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urm stands for you are mine,the u is used instead of the complete word ''you''.''Are mine'' the r is used instead of the whole word,and the first word if ''mine''
d:omg ily

::urm,ily too
by *ElenA* October 24, 2007
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White sticky stuff that comes out of a penis, ex:jizz, man batter, cum.
by Darth Bam October 23, 2005
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A freshman in high school that is going to be a dropout.
See that Urme over there?
by Boblite21 October 22, 2021
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Youre dumb for liking me, but I won't say that when I like you
"I like you"
by Spickychickenmfsss January 5, 2021
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