5 definitions by youXdunnoXme

a sound used usually when a person is extremely streesed or annoyed.

Is often used on Xangas and when people are dealing with slow computers.
Gahh! I lost those papers again!

Gahh! My computer just froze!

Gahh! My sister is screwing up the computer!

Gahh! My worh is all screwed up!

Gahh! I'm having such a bad day!
by youXdunnoXme June 17, 2005
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Real definition: an insult used in place of nastier words.

Textbook definition: a smart individual who is hated for their intellect.
real: "Jake, you nerd, get over here!"


"You nerd! you failed that test?"

textbook: that nerd got a 100% on their exam.
by youXdunnoXme June 17, 2005
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A cooler sounding way to say poser.

Poser meaning someone who wants to be something that they aren't.

The word posuer is often used by people who are stupid and thiink that they are better then the rest of the population because they are not a posuer. Usually they are.
OMG, she is such a posuer... she is NOT punk.
by youXdunnoXme June 17, 2005
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1)the act of being so random and weird, that people find you hard to follow.

2)switching subjects so fast that you confuse many people

~Often random people have the attention span of a flea.~
Hey, I was atching the-and hey, that reminds me, did you know that monkeys can't touch their toes? so, anyway-oh, and neither can cats...haha, so, oh yeah, over the weekend I went to this place, and they served FREE COOKIES! and so the, yeah, and we have gym today. **bell rings**
Muaaaaah!!! Pizza time!!! **runs to get pizza
so anyway...oooh! shiny object!
by youXdunnoXme June 16, 2005
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A sound made when one is unsure, or can't think of what to say, or are trying to remember something.
And then..urm, I went to...

Urm...I think that was on Sunday...

We urm...are a very..urm...happy bunch of...urm...people.
by youXdunnoXme June 17, 2005
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