Ultimate Ping Pong. UPP consists multiple games of ping pong played in a row. Time duration of UPP is at least 60 minutes. Ultimate Ping Pong usually takes place in a friend's basement or wherever a regulation ping pong table may be found. Games are played to 21 and you must win by at least 2.
Landon- Hey man want to cheel?
Maxwell- Yeah bro UPP all day.

Chib- Hey Keith what you doing?
Keith- Can't talk. UPP.
Chib- It's okay I understand.
by Pudge7 August 16, 2009
I need to adjust my junk, this upp is killing me.
by BiscuitAssassin June 16, 2010
Some girl who likes puppets and tried the trend where you take the first and last word of your name but did it with something else. They also are into FNAF and her favourite character is the Puppet . Loves Its been so long FNAF song too.
The boy has his uppe all ready lol 😆
by Caramel_Lover098 July 14, 2021
The most amazing last name. Ever. Confuses many, makes others questions.

We've heard all the jokes.
It would be hilarious if we married someone with the last name "Down," we've gotten over the list of possible first names that would suck, like the direction, U-P-P, and yes, it IS our real last name.
"You see that amazing person over there? He must be an Upp."
by ThatUppKid May 17, 2009
Street way of saying, "In regards to."
"Big upps to all my boys," or, "Big upps to all my haters."
by Nick Blancato July 11, 2008
Another word for interracial sex or race-mixing originating.
The Spaniards blanda upped with the natives.
by ErikSwede March 22, 2011
Jon Upp is a god among men. The greatest guitarist of all time. And such a genius he makes albert einstein look like a fourth grader who just crapped his pants
Dude, today i had a total Jon Upp moment, i cured cancer!
by monkeymanasseater12 October 15, 2009