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Ultimate Ping Pong. UPP consists multiple games of ping pong played in a row. Time duration of UPP is at least 60 minutes. Ultimate Ping Pong usually takes place in a friend's basement or wherever a regulation ping pong table may be found. Games are played to 21 and you must win by at least 2.
Landon- Hey man want to cheel?
Maxwell- Yeah bro UPP all day.

Chib- Hey Keith what you doing?
Keith- Can't talk. UPP.
Chib- It's okay I understand.
by Pudge7 August 16, 2009
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U.P.P stands for Uneducated Poo Poo which means someone who didn't have a education by someone with knowledge and wisdom and was raised as a ignorant cave man basically from a trailer park and thus is feces or a piece of shit to society and the public and the majority of the population want to spit on U.P.P or throw there garbage from Mcdonalds in there direction. U.P.P tends to be impulsive, egotistical, lieing, violent, sometimes overkill, prejudice, homocidal neuralizing, ignorant, sometimes Satanic, concealing, selfish, manipulative, vengeful, who speak in slang with no words coming out of there mouth that are from a dictionary longer than 5 words usually if you know what I mean. U.P.P are known to be so retarted and a joke that they send innocent children after a Life Review coming back as respectable with integrity to un-called for Hell in weird uncalled for negative based Universes or realities in micro size concealed in Simulation Virtual Reality Programs and not Real Dimension Real Life like commendable beings would who society makes monuments and honorable statues for
Jim and Sophie just graduated from Stanford and are in the city celebrating on there hard work and integrity in a classy area and there was this U.P.P who smelled like he hadn't showered in weeks asking them for Meth and they said f-off why don't you go crawl back in your s*** hole you jerk
by It 1111 September 24, 2018
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The most amazing last name. Ever. Confuses many, makes others questions.

We've heard all the jokes.
It would be hilarious if we married someone with the last name "Down," we've gotten over the list of possible first names that would suck, like the direction, U-P-P, and yes, it IS our real last name.
"You see that amazing person over there? He must be an Upp."
by ThatUppKid May 16, 2009
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